A Child's Journey of Hope, Search, Discovery and Healing

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As of August 1, 2007, this book is no longer being published per mutual agreement between the publisher and author. Used copies may still be available via on line book stores.

This web site has been revised in light of the above decision. It now includes ALL CHAPTERS of the book available to read for free, three new chapters have been added since the original book was published...it also includes more photographs than were allowed in the original book to be seen. Click on the BOOK CHAPTERS link above to take you to the book or just click on the book cover. It will be an unforgettable experiences!!

This is the cover to my second book which is also no longer published as with my first book. As of today November 24, 2011 it is now available to read free on line. Just CLICK ON THIS BOOK COVER and it will take you directly to the second book. Data used in this book has been updated to reflect most current data available. Since two chapters were moved from this book to "Lost Son" I have added a couple of chapters to this book.

The third section of the web site has now been revised and updated. As one who needed to search for my birth family and heritage I am fascinated by what I found. To date over 80 family members have been found; mostly cousins as the older generations have passed away. In my book "Lost Son" I share the stories of meeting 30 of them. If you are interested in GENEALOGY you may be interested in what I found & also I give a guide as to how you to can do a genealogical search. CLICK on the photo below to take you to my MATERNAL FAMILY GENEALOGY section.

Relatives left behind in Poland after great grandparent immigrated to the United States...taken late 19th century.

After years of procrastinating about doing research on my PATERNAL FAMILY GENEALOGY it has finally been done, though further work remains. Today 11/1/13 I add it as the fourth section of my web site. Click on the photo below and it will take you directly to that section:

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Mr. Adams was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1950. He grew up in the quagmire of the Michigan Foster Care System from birth. He was finally sent to and graduated from, the famed "Father Flanagan's Boys Home...better known as "Boys Town, Nebraska. His education was furthered at Midland Lutheran College. He has had a professional career in government, nonprofit, academia and private industry.

In 2003, he wrote the poignant book of life through the eyes of a throw away child entitled: "Lost Son? A Bastard Child's Journey of Hope, search, Discovery and Healing." It was released in June, 2004.

In 2004 he wrote his follow up book entitled," A Voice for the Voiceless and Forgotten. It was released in June 2005.

He has also written/published over fifty articles of the need for child welfare reform and shares his inspiring message with groups across the country.

He has addressed three World Conferences sharing his story and the need for reform...in Atlanta, Boston & The Hague, Netherlands.

He currently serves as Regional Manager-North America for World Initiative for Orphans as well as a member of its international Board of Directors.

Adams says, "Though I never received a university degree in social work, I don't need one. I actually earned a Doctorate having lived in and surviving the system for eighteen years. In living within the system I learned more than one will ever learn from a textbook or lectures."

Mr. Adams currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

Recipient of Presidential Volunteer Award from President Reagan in 1982.

Recipient of New York's Eleanor Roosevelt Volunteer Award 1983.

Nominee for a White House Fellowship 1984.

Founder & former Director of Helping Hands; a program providing respite to parents of children with disabilities.

Former Director CityMeals-on-Wheels Program; a NYC based foundation providing meals to the elderly on weekends and holidays where federal funds did not provide.

Former Executive Director; Midland County Foster Adoption Network

Current member of Board of Directors for World Initiative for Orphans based in The Hague, Netherlands.

Founder & current Director of Hope & Dignity Project

2002-2013 Lawrence P. Adams